Monday, September 1, 2014

Year 4000 - Part 4

 Fresh Start...kind of 

 New Earth City. After a while it contained everything I hated about humans. The city had already reached a population of 948,000 people. There were other citys like it on this continent already springing up. Tevidan, Chalman and Fericlade were the other big citys.Another 6 months had passed and Zacharia, Elizabeth and I had stayed in N.E.C. the whole time.
 We were kicked off the hill that we lived on by the new the government which by the way was now a Democratic Empire. I shouldnt say the kicked us off actually. The gave us 6,000 dollars to leave. That was a lot of money, so we split it three ways. I used my 2,000 to move into a condo in the inner city, the land lord new that I was underaged to be living by myself but he didnt say anything to the government, and I was only 1 year to young so it wasnt to bad. Zacharia and Elizabeth used theres to move into a condo a few blocks away and Zacharia actually started some kind of buisness. I dont really understand it all the way but he is manufacturing some kind of armor.I decided that it would be a good idea to continue my schooling wherever I could.
 I attended a new school called N.E.C. Academy. It was a massive school with around 7,000 studens. The education was mediocre but I made good friends in the process. Another guy, same age as me named Shaun. Zacharia started going to school as well but left after 3 weeks because he said he had better things to do. So I was stuck in the ghetto on weekdays now with my one friend.
 The date was May 22nd, 3991 and every once in a while I looked up at the sky and thought about the explosion I had seen 7 months ago and the people who tended to it. It was such a distant memory now but I thought about it often. There was never anything about it on the news station and nobody ever talked about how there had been unidentified life. I may have been the only person who remembered it. I still had the video of it on my tablet and after school on that day the 22nd of May, Shaun came home with me and I showed him the video. He was amazed at it.
 "where did you get that" he asked me.
 "I filmed it a while back, kind of wierd that the government never adressed it" I said
 "My dad works for the government" Shaun said.
 "I can ask him about it if you want me to".
 "Couldnt hurt" I said.
 "It probably wasnt aliens" he said.
 "We would no by now if it was".
 "Dont be so sure" I said.
 "What, do you want it to be Aliens" he asked sarcasticlly.
 "No, I just dont think we should cut to conclusions" I said. Shaun nodded and then looked around my condo.
 "Speaking of dads, where is yours if you dont mind me asking" said Shaun.
 "He died when I was younger" I said.
 "Oh...sorry" said Shaun.
 "No its all right, I didnt know him or my mom to well, they both died in a ship accident, the residential area that they were in was hit by a comet but me and all the kids were on the other side of the ship in school so we had time to evacuate to a new ship, and that new ship was turned into the ship that carried all the orphans which is exactly where I grew up" I explained.
 "Wow" said Shaun.
 "I know, if they would have evacuated the schooling sector as fast as they did then this would be a whole different story and I wouldnt be telling it" I said. We walked to the bay area and hung out in town that night. It was strange having to get used to all of the new hover cars that crowded the roads, a few months ago those cars didnt even exist. Accidents happened often because none of these people had ever driven before. The accidents were happening less and less now but it was still a common problem. It was small compared to some of the barriers that we had run into trying to make this colony of ours a working society. One big problem was figuring out efficent ways to hunt, breed and eventually eat all the new animals we encountered on this planet. There was a species called a Hydro Ursus which was latin for Water Bear. Most people just called it an Ursus. An Ursus was a huge fat furry aniaml that lived in rivers and lakes and came up on shore to sleep, eat and crap. They were some what annoying as they ate all the food we wanted like fish and we couldnt eat or tame them.
 So we released all the animals we had left from Earth which was a short list as many breeds died out on the ships. What we had was Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Orangutans, Lions, Cougars, Jaguars, Anacondas, Great White Sharks, Koalas, Zebras, Gazelles, Bison, Bald Eagles, Foxes, Gray Wolfs, Bob Cats, Heyenas, Moose, Beavers, Mice, Rats, Ants, Bees, Cheetahs and Kangaroos. We tried to put all these animals in the most sutible enviroment but many of them didnt get along with the animals already there. Eventually the ecosystem stabalized and there was a brand new food chain.
 We at one point even had to inject some of the Zebra population with birth control because they had began to breed to much. It was strange being able to control other life. It felt as though the humans were playing the role of a god.
 That night when I was in town with Shaun we went to the beach in the bay area. The large 60 story skyscrapers that had been built reflected onto the water and looked very nice. It was amazing seeing a whole city flourish right before your eyes. Again, it made you feel god like. Me and Shaun planned on going snowboarding on the mountains tomorrow since there was no school. It was an old sport but we both enjoyed it and had been doing it for 4 months now.
 I waited for him to get to my house the next morning so we could take the hover transit there tomorrow but he never came. I called his house and just got the machine. I waited some more but still no sign of him. I decided I would just walk over to his house and see what was up. I was walking out the door of my condo when 3 government cars pulled up very fast to the curb.
 "Are you Markus Miller" said one of the men.
 "Yes" I said.
 "Your under arrest" said the man.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Year 4000 - Part 3

 Stranger to Nature 

Everyone took a seat and felt the artificial gravity turn off, I could see out the window the ships near us all began to dip down towards the planet. Everything was perfectly synchronised. Even though I had lived my entire life in space I had never felt the effects of zero gravity till now. It was strange. I felt myself floating upwards, only held in by my seat buckle.
 Toby was next to me and he threw up and the puke began to drift around as well. Then suddenly I felt myself pushed back very hard into my seat. I saw this happen to all other floating objects and people. This is what real gravity felt like. I saw us flying down at a slight angle through a sea of blue and white. It looked as though we were falling and none of this was planned. Then what if we were falling. Fortunately I felt the ship slightly turn upward more and more. Gravity was becoming more intense. Then before I knew it the ship was slowing, I couldn't see out the window, I was extremely dizzy and it was much to bright outside. We all stumbled out of our seats and the massive 4 person wide door drew down and became a ramp.
 A rush of brisk fresh air hit me at the moment. I felt like I was in the middle of an explosion because of the 77 year old air meeting this planets unbreathed air. We filed out of the ship, my eyes were beginning to adjust but I tripped over something and fell on the ground.
 When I opened my eyes I just saw blue. Nothing but blue. Was this an ocean. Was I somehow upside down. Or was I underwater. I could be drowning. I instincts kicked in and grabbed at the ground. I got a handful of wet material. When I held it up I recognized it as grass. Some of it fell onto my face but I could not feel it. I got up off the ground slowly and looked around. There were people everywhere. In a massive flat valley with a wide river running through it. Ships randomly dotted the valley with more people coming out of them. I had never seen this far in my life. In the distance around some areas were mountains and hills that rolled like a row of green and brown marbles. Nearby was forrest. 
 All of the new sights and smells I had learned about in school but this was not how I would of ever imagined it. How could I imagine it. This was place was beautiful. I felt so empowered at that moment in time by the nature. I tried to take a step toward the river but fell over. The terrain here was rough and un inviting, almost like I was trying to walk over an unfinished construction site. I took another step towards the river, this time slower and watching my step as I went. I looked up and noticed that I seemed to be the only one having lots of trouble at the moment. How long had I been laying on the ground ? I kept walking towards the river just looking at my feet. Then I ran into something very sharp. I rubbed my head and saw that I had run into a tree, short with orange leaves. I walked around it and eventually I got to the river. I saw Zacharia and Elizabeth sitting together watching the river flow past there feet.
 I was mesmerized at the water. It flowed so perfectly down from the mountains through the valley and between two hills. I wasn't sure what lied beyond those hills but it was probably something else amazing.
 I was starring at the water for so long that I forgot about Zacharia and Elizabeth. They spotted me and got up quickly.
 "Where were you" said Zacharia.
 "I don't know I said without thinking much" I said.
 "You don't know where you were" he said dubiously.
 "I think I might have passed out" I said realizing how dumb I had just sounded.
 "Oh, well you were gone for like an hour so we got worried" he said.
 "Yeah we didn't want to lose you all ready" said Elizabeth.We all laughed at that even though it was scary and very possible.
 "Isn't this place amazing" said Zacharia.
 "Its like nothing I have ever seen" I said. I walked over to the water and put my hand in. It was as cold as ice and I immediately pulled my hand out. I remembered what the Captain had said two days ago about it being colder here because it was in a season called autumn. I walked back away from the water and noticed people quickly un packing there things from the ship. I had one backpack with all of my belongings in it.
 I pulled out my tablet and took a few pictures of the ships, the river and the clearings in the valley. A lot of questions had been answered very fast. The only one not answered was what would happen to all us humans now. I wandered around the area and found the ship I had come off of still with a few people exiting it. I noticed a large rock on the ground which must have been where I tripped.
 It was strange to think that I was now to call this place home, at the same time I was delighted to be off that ship. Looking back on it, it looks so confining. Small compared to the valley.
 I walked to the top of one of the hills that the river ran through and there was a  massive beach that stretched around a large bay. The bay lead out into the ocean where the sun was setting. I knew from that moment on that this hill was were I wanted to be for a long time to come.

1 Month Later

 The ships used to get here were scraped for there metals and other materials. We collected wood and minerals from the nearby environment and the area was quickly cultivated. Roads were built around the hundreds of two to five story buildings around the river and some around the bay. There were no cars at the moment so roads were for people on foot.
 Since there was still no official government established, me Zacharia and Elizabeth had our tiny house built on the top of the hill and we all lived together. I had a room to myself on one side that viewed the ocean and Zach and Elizabeth had one that they shared on the other side that viewed the river and downtown area.
 Lastly, the planet was named Zafferon after Victor Zafferon who had lead the evacuation of Earth. 
 The city that we were in called New Earth City quickly became the capitol of the planet and people flocked to live here. The population was already at 19,000 and quickly growing. With new technologies developed in our time in deep space we were building and growing our species to power faster than any time in history.
 The stone age had ended and a new renaissance was born. Or so we thought.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Year 4000 - Part 2


 "Time of discovery, 4:09am. Date, September 20th 3990." said Captain Ralph.
 "We are unsure weather these planets are inhabited or not but we will be landing on them in two days, on September 22nd at 10:00am. Cabin leaders, this means have your groups together by 9:45am. Remember that since the majority of you have not ever felt the effects of real gravity you may feel strange. The area we will be landing in is currently in a season called autumn which means that the planets surface where you will be is about 25 degrees colder than the ship.Watch your step on the ground and be prepared to catch yourself if you fall".
 "Enjoy your break feast" said Captain Ralph, and he walked away.
 "Its kind of hard to remember everything they have been telling us" said Olsen.
 "Yeah why didn't they teach us any of this before" said Toby.
 "I bet the teachers didn't expect this to happen so abruptly, plus nobody is really certain weather this place is even safe or if its fully inhabitable for that matter" I said.
 "Yeah Markus is right, there is a whole lot of uncertainty with this whole situation" said Olsen. Everyone at the table was quiet and thought to themselves for the rest of the time. Classes were cancelled for the next two days so I found Zacharia and we just walked around the hallways and talked for a while.
 "You know I have been wondering something about this whole ordeal" said Zacharia.
 "Whats that" I said.
 "What the hell is going to happen to us when we land, its not like there are cabins on this planet, and we don't have parents because this is the ships for all the human orphans left in the galaxy which is sadly in the thousands". Zacharia was right. None of us had parents everyone had there own story on how it happened but that was never important.He was also right about there being no cabins.
 "Well whatever happens we need to stick together through it" I said.
 "That'll probably be our best approach" agreed Zacharia.
 "Hey, I'm just happy that I wont have to deal with Toby any more". We both laughed and kept on walking. We walked over to the viewing area where many people already were. The viewing area was just a large room on the bottom of the ship that was completely made of re enforced 2 foot thick glass. The view was especially breath taking since you could see the many new planets from out this window. The massive ships that held our species entire population had completely surrounded the planet that we were to land on.
 "Look at us, all 21 billion Humans trying to surround this planet 8 times the size of earth in a variety of spacecrafts, we are so vulnerable and desperate, especially at this time" said the girl next to us. Me and Zacharia both looked at her, she was as well pretty breathtaking but she looked to young for me, although Zacharia jumped on his opportunity to make friends with this beautiful girl.
 "Yeah" said Zacharia as he walked around me to be next to the girl. "Humans aren't to tough when they look like this, just a bunch of squishy pink and brown 4 limbed creatures". The girl laughed and her and Zacharia began to get into there own conversation. I looked back out on the planets, smiled and just shook my head. These two 13 year olds looked pretty funny the way they talked to each other, me and Zacharia were both fairly good looking people, I just chose not to flaunt it as much as he did. Which generally served me better. Zacharia had gone through far to many pointless relationships with people his same age. He want as smart as I was so he didn't realize what he was doing. Or maybe he did and he was just being a idiot. It was harmless non the less so I chose to ignore it.
 That girl was right though. We were much to vulnerable at the moment. We hadn't a clue what lied within this solar system, it may be stronger than us or weaker. Right now the human race was surviving on luck which I did not approve of.
 I looked back at were Zacharia and the girl were and they had already walked to the other side of the room. Just then something flickered in the corner of my eye, I looked over and saw a tiny explosion off in the distance. Others saw it and people started leaving the viewing area. I stayed put and studied the area the explosion came from. I pulled out my tablet and held it up in front of my face. I put it on camera mode and started filming. Then I zoomed in to the area. I could see two more small ships fly over to that area. They must be coming out of that red planet behind them I thought. The two ships hovered around the area. I saw a human sized creature emerge from one of the ships.I couldn't make anything out about it except its size and the camera wouldn't zoom in any farther. I stopped recording and left the room, I was the last person out of it.
 I got back into a main hallway and saw Zacharia and that girl. They walked over to me.
 "Where were you Mr.Stand my ground" said Zacharia.
 "You are not going to believe what I just picked up on my tablets camera" I said. We all went back to Con Cabin which is were Zacharia was and sat down on his bed. I showed them the video and there faces showed that they were both as amazed as I was.
 "What was that thing" said the girl who told me in the hallway that her name was Elizabeth.
 "Could be a human out on a separate expedition" I said.
 "Those didn't look like human spacecrafts" said Zacharia.
 "Well what then" I said. We all sat there on his bed in silence. None of us wanted to believe it was Aliens cause that could possibly be a threat to us all.
 I couldn't sleep well that night. What had I seen ? Had they seen us ? Was I in danger ? So many questions and nobody I knew would be able to answer them. It ended up making me scared. Uncertainty was growing in everyone which was bad news. I felt lost in thought the next day. Wandering around hallways and going back to the viewing area trying to get a glimpse of the creatures I had seen the previous day. I saw nothing at all.
 I was shaken awake the next morning by Toby. today was my first day on a planet, what would happen I did not know. What if I died the second I breathed the fresh air of that planet. I wasn't ready but I had no choice. This could be my last day in this life and there was nothing I could do about it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Year 4000 - Part 1


They didn't like to say that we were lost in space. It scared people. I wasn't sure why exactly. I mean, we know how to combine chemicals to make our own water, and we grow just about every kind of plant on the ship. So we were self sufficient.I guess people didn't think of this ship as home. We awaited the arrival of our home, we had been doing this for 77 years now. The oldest remember Earth. The polluted, drowning, overpopulated planet. We had been on Earth as long as our species had lived. Now it was time to move away. Only problem was that we hadn't a clue where we were moving to. It was to late to turn back and to early to settle down. We had found planets that were nearly inhabitable once we crossed over into the Andromeda galaxy 12 years ago. They seemed okay but they were usually either to hot or to cold to survive on. So we shot farther through space. They only thing familiar and near us were other ships maybe only 300 yards away, and stars, maybe 300 years away.
 I lay on my bunk for a while after I woke up that morning. The time and date was 8:14 am, July 13th, 3990. I just lay there for maybe 15 minutes till Jose walked over to me and said groggily
 "get up". Jose was the leader for our cabin on the ship. Once every two months we voted on a new leader. I had never been voted up to command but every one really seemed to like Jose and he had served to many months to count. Our age group in the cabin was 10-15. Jose was 15 now and would soon be moved to Lion Cabin, Angel Cabin, Goose Cabin or Cricket Cabin which were all the cabins for people in the age group of 15-20 on our ship.
 We were Jaguar Cabin and the other cabins in our age group were Monkey, York and Con. Once you were 20 you got to graduate and live your life on the ship.I was 14 but I looked forward to the day I could live my life as a normal citizen of the ship.
"Hey Jose, why are you waking all of us up so early today ?" said a 12 year old named Olsen.
"Captain Ralph said that all the cabin leaders need to get there cabins to the cafeteria early to hear a few special announcements" said Jose.
"Oh" said several boys including Olsen.
"That means everybody quit farting around and get dressed and cleaned" said Jose with a smirk on his face. Everyone laughed but did what they were told as well. That was the great thing about Jose. He could give orders without sounding angry like most cabin leaders did. I dressed quickly and walked over to Jose.
 "Jose" I said.
 "What is it Markus ?" he said to me.
 "Did the Captain say what these announcements were about ?"
 "Nope, he just told us to be in the cafeteria early"
 "Hmm" I said.
 "Its probably some stupid speech about how we should be grateful for everything we have on this ship" Jose said. I laughed and walked away. We all took showers and then headed down to the Cafeteria. We sat down at our assigned table and waited till the others groups arrived. The captain was up on the stage waiting also.Once everyone had arrived he stood up and began to speak.
 "Sorry to bother you all at this time" he said. Some murmurs came from the crowd.
 "But this is an important announcement" he said. Still murmurs coming for the crowd.
 "Me and the 19 other ship commanders that are near us have decided that we must admit to being officially lost in space. This doesn't call for panic as nothing has really changed. Not to fear either we have spotted a solar system a few months away that we have agreed to investigate. Please take all that I have just said into consideration while you eat your break feast. Thank you". said Captain Ralph, and he walked off the stage.
 After break feast we returned to the cabin and sat around talking. Jose walked in last and looked around at all of us. Everyone got silent.
 "You heard the Captain, nothing has really changed, so get to you classes" he said. Everyone got up and left the cabin to got there 1st period class. I shared all 7 of my periods with a boy named Zacharia who was a year younger than me. We sat down next to each other and began to listen to the teacher bore us with her English lessons.
 "Markus" said Zacharia.
 "What" I said.
 "You think that the captain is on to something with this new solar system ?" he said.
 "Doubt it, this is like the 15th time he has said something like this".
 "Well I looked into it on my tablet and this solar system is kind of like the one that Earth was in" I didn't say anything. He continued to talk.
 "It even has a Goldilocks zone which is what Earth was...."
 "Excuse me" said Ms.Byron. "Is there something you want to share with the class Zacharia ?"
 "No ma'am" he said.
 "Well then I would appreciate it if you would stop socializing with Markus" she said. I just looked her dead in her ugly dark eyes and smiled. I could tell it made her mad but she said nothing.
 "Yes ma'am" said Zacharia.
 "Good" she said, and she continued to teach her stupid lesson about a term called irony. For the rest of the day I thought about what Zacharia had said to me. I looked it up and he was right. From what we knew about this Solar System it was pretty similar to the one back home.

2 Months Later.....

It had been just over a month since Jose left to Cricket Cabin. The leader of Jaguar Cabin was not the sharpest in the bunch but people liked him and he got voted up. His name was Toby. He joked around a little to much and wasn't big on keeping things clean. He was only about 20 days older than me but he treated me like I was younger than that. We were supposedly only a few days out from that solar system and I was just hoping we would find a planet to call home there so I wouldn't have to deal with Toby and the fact that he was just a sloppy, dumb slug. Me and Zacharia talked about the Solar System that we named Gladiator more and more. Neither of us had ever lived on an actual planet or even felt the effect of real gravity.
 We were excited and nervous. We knew that if this wasn't the home humans had been looking for then we might not find it in our life time.
 I woke up one morning. The entire room was bright red. Strange, maybe I was still dreaming. I looked at the time which read 5:54 am. I got out of bed in my underwear and looked out of the window. There before my eyes lie the biggest planet I had ever seen. It was bright red, with oceans, lakes rivers and some areas of green. It was definitely a planet. It made me think back to a planet I had once read about called mars. But it was much bigger than that. Maybe 6 times the size. We had arrived in the Gladiator solar system. This planet in front of me may not be home but I believed that our world was somewhere among these planets.
 Then off in the distance, I saw another farther away smaller planet. It looked just like the pictures I had seen of Earth, except this was bigger. A massive blue and green marble, hanging there in the sky. Then I felt our ship began to turn towards the marble. I just stood there in amazement. Waiting. I knew that much of the adventure was still to come.



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Getting Down to Buisness

You, the viewer, are currently reading this for reasons unknown. Could it be that you see this and say wow, look at this kid, once just a boy with almost no following, now still a boy with more viewers then anyone I know.
 Could it be that you are reading this and you are not from my time, you are from the future. I have been dead for a long time now.You are looking back on what American penmanship once was.Seeing how the United States failed to realize what they were doing wrong.
 Or could it be that you are reading this within the year I posted it ? You aren't sure where this blog will go but your intrigued all ready and are ready to see what I have to offer.Well you will come to realize soon enough that I don't think like a normal person.That I have quite the Imagination. Please sit back and enjoy these entries that will go down in history as, Around My Mind - With Chase Krogh.